Home Construction and Finishing Work

Home Construction and Finishing Work, Planning, design, construction, finishing works. Consultations on all matters related to construction.

We build and install individual houses and various commercial buildings. We carry out interior and exterior finishing works.

Construction Materials for Sale

Building materials and their supply often become an obstacle to the smooth construction process. To prevent this from happening, we offer you a wide selection of building materials – everything you need for the construction and decoration of your home: building mixes, bricks and slabs, roofing, plumbing, etc.

Quality construction materials from reliable manufacturers will facilitate the construction process.

Furniture Design and Manufacture

Manufacture of non – standard furniture. Custom furniture manufacturing. Furniture design and construction.

If you can’t find the right furniture for you, but you know what you want, we will make the furniture according to your drawings. If you are not sure which furniture would be best for your home or office, our experts will offer you the most suitable furniture design option.

Design Services